Why woman must have to please God order to stay at her own place? Because Female is "Inn.Sin", selfish is her natural sin, yet you can only afford to have right to be selfish when you are at your own place; that how woman must love God more than any thing else in order to have that best 景觀設計will and best strength to feel good to stay inside her own place and be good enough to help man to be better; that how woman must have to work for love, in order to be qualified to get any job; that how 商務中心woman may be allowed to work out of her own place only when she can have right and ability to see absolute righteous rule if she has no ability to love; that how it is woman's only must needed duty to take care he 酒店打工r own kids (Why you must not have your own mom to take care your own kid[s]? Because if you do, you force your own mom to committed more than triple crimes: 1. Your mom obvious committed the crime of "1.Die.Boot.Rule.1.Die" given the birth to you ca 長灘島ught on your too suck to care your own kid[s]. 2. You forced your mom to commit the crime of "Lie of mom" to play that mom role for you to care your own kid[s]. 3. Your mom not only commit the crime to side with her daughter's crime of failed to do the mom du 酒店工作ty, but also personally provide her the tool to encouraged/made her failed to do the the duty of mom) at her own home, because only woman who stay at her own place can have that absolute right to be selfishly caring her own kid(s) only. Man is "Young.Sin" (That how your son must be your y seooungest child, and you must not have more than one son. Because man must not be allowed to be selfish, therefore, you have no way to make your son to care his brother more than his friend, you have no way to make your son to care his sister more than his friend, you have no way to make your son to care his family 房地產more than his friend's family, that how man must not be allowed to have female friend, because his male friend can care back his friend's brother sister family, his female friend can only want him to die for her. That may explain how come it's said that marriage is the grave of love, because once that woman become his w 東森房屋ife, he can only care his friend's wife more than his own wife. That how when a man really falls in love with a woman, he must be blinded by her, see no one else but her only.) , no right to be selfish in any way any place. That how White must have to stay inside White Own Place, because White is "Inn" Race, selfish is White's natural. You can hav 房屋買賣e right to be selfish, only when you are inside your own place. That how White has no right to be selfish in the Continent of America, because the land of Continent of America belongs to the wild natural, not belongs to White Only like White owned Europe.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店兼職  .

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